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Housekeeper Companion

Why choose a Housekeeper Companion?


There are many reasons to opt for a Housekeeper Companion. The main ones are:

  • You want to continue living in your own home, as do most older people as well as those with disabilities, but you don’t need Carer. For qualified carers please click here.
  • You enjoy personalised assistance, whereby your individual needs are attended to. To determine what suits you, the Hynes Agency will consult with you before selecting a candidate who is closely matched to your needs and preferences.
  • There’s great flexibility. You can choose short-term help (eg, after a stay in hospital), or longer-term help as you require. You choose the amount of assistance you want; for example, help with cooking, cleaning, washing, dressing, shopping, looking after your pets, etc.
  • You have a wide range of choice and control. You can eat what you like as you like. You can go out and about with company if you want it. You retain your independence.
  • You stay closely connected to your friends and neighbours, or your local community.
  • Research shows that, by enjoying the comfort of their own home, older people stay healthier and recover more quickly from illness or surgery. The stability and continuity of assistance will help you to enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing.
  • You avoid resorting to costly residential care or a nursing home.
  • You avoid the risk of infection that you (and senior people in particular) face in nursing homes and hospitals.
  • The Hynes Agency model of Senior Support is extremely cost- effective.

We rigorously select all Housekeeper Companions

We have a long tradition of selecting candidates of the highest quality. We know that trust and a sense of security are crucial, especially for older people, when it comes to allowing someone into your home.

All our candidates are reference-checked, rigorously screened, Garda-vetted and personally interviewed.

We match the Housekeeper Companion with you

The central element in the success of our Senior Support service is our consistent focus on matching the Housekeeper Companion with the client. We focus not only on experience, skills and knowledge but also on personality, temperament and individual characteristics. We do this so as to match the Housekeeper Companion to your own requirements and personality.

We select a candidate who will understand your priorities, needs, interests and daily routine; who will listen to you, treat you with respect, and adapt to your changing requirements.

We provide a three-month guarantee

We provide you with an opportunity to meet and approve the proposed Housekeeper Companion before the support service begins. Further, we are the only agency of our kind to offer a three-month guarantee – which includes a free replacement within that period.

Our model greatly reduces your costs

Employing a Housekeeper Companion on a permanent or part-time basis greatly reduces the costs of Senior Support.

We recommend the Accounts Advice Center who can look after your Employer Registration and payroll at a reduced rate for our clients.

If you’d like more information, please get in touch with us today at (01) 8728170 to have a chat with one of our professional consultants.

I found Hynes Agency to be very proficient, experienced, flexible, and responsive and they provided very experienced suitable carers, at a reasonable cost, and supported their employment with good practical advice whenever needed.

Bob Kieran